Wine Basics – Getting Started Right

November 9th, 2008 • No Comments
TasteDC's Wine Basics 101

Every year around 1,000 people in the DC area attend TasteDC’s Wine Basics 101 in order to get a solid understanding of wine.  Over 11 years, 15,000 people have attended and I like to think that this has had a significant effect on Washington, D.C. both as a place to find many excellent wine stores and restaurants serving wine as well as a very wine educated public.  Originally, this class was taught by local wine professionals, but I teach it now because it is so important for people to get the basic message/premise of drinking wine at TasteDC – it’s all about pleasure and fun, snobbery can stay at home!

I’ve found after teaching this class for the last 5 years that many people are confused about wine, in particular:

  • Most people think that quality and price are directly related, but this isn’t true,
  • Try to “describe” wine with accuracy when this is relatively unimportant and misleading at best,
  • Spend too much on glassware and other accessories that don’t improve much the wine drinking experience,

This Thursday, November 13th is the next Wine Basics 101 class and my chance to cover the hot topics and important facts on wine.  If you know very little about wine or are looking for a refresher class, give us a try at www.tastedc.com.

Charlie “I Drink On the Job” Adler

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