More From Our Local Farms – Elaine Boland, Fields of Athenry, Purcellville, VA

February 26th, 2011 • No Comments

Elaine Boland is the type of strong-willed woman that inspires others to sit-up and notice. She’s a “back to the farm” individual who came to the realization almost a decade ago that you are what you eat, and the ill effects of eating an overly processed diet become obvious in our health.

Above is a video of her on her farm Fields of Athenry in Purcellville, VA. Elaine has an unusual business model – she only sells from her farm and eschews all farmer’s markets. If you want her meat, you have to go to her to get it! I visited the farm in 2008 and was amazed at how balanced everything seemed – her dogs watched over the farm and protected the animals from predators so that they could feel secure and produce healthy meat! Yes, to some this seems ironic, but a farm animal has a duty: some to protect, some to make aware, and some to be fattened to be eaten.

Enjoy the video and if you get a chance, you can order (pre-order please, Elaine butchers just enough for her customers!) from Fields of Athenry and enjoy some of their great meats!

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