About the Book

Every year more Americans catch the wine bug – from imbibing at wine tastings, visiting wineries or learning the art of food and wine pairing, wine is more than a trend, it’s a part of American lifestyle.  Still – why are Americans so confused by wine – in essence, wine is just fermented grape juice?  Charlie Adler, President of TasteDC, a 20,000 member wine and food organization based in Washington, D.C. thinks he has a clue to the answer – Americans simply are puzzled about wine because they believe there is in fact a “right” and a “wrong” wine choice.  Charlie’s discovery comes after introducing over 16,000 wine newbies to wine over the past twelve years at “Wine Basics 101”, Washington, D.C.’s #1 wine class.  After exploring and sharing his passion for wine with so many interested new wine drinkers, his conclusion is from hearing the same wine questions from attendees consistently from year to year.

“I Drink on the Job” takes an anecdotal and often humorous look at wine from a slightly different perspective than your average wine book and draws an immediate conclusion – it’s better to “drink first and ask questions later”.  The core to learning about wine is to taste, then taste, then taste again.  Wine is to be experienced, not to be over-analyzed, no matter how much you fill your head with detail, it’s still all about pleasure in the end. You might be able to “talk the talk” of wine, but can you “walk the walk”, so to speak?  Charlie thinks you can by simplifying wine education with one statement, the essence of “I Drink”:

“A meal without wine is breakfast!”

Charlie’s mission is easy to understand – he just wants Americans to consume wine with their meals – everyday!  Since you’re as likely to see a bottle of wine on the dining table in France as you are a soft drink with a pizza in the U.S., Charlie believes that it’s realistic that many Americans will pick up the wine habit and make it a part of everyday meals.  “When I first became interested in wine, most people only consumed it either for special occasions like birthdays, weddings and New Years or it was a cheap way to get a quick buzz from inferior sweetened products.  With the quality of wine revolution, increased availability of enjoyable wines at affordable everyday prices, wine as a part of daily meals is a real possibility in our country!”

“I Drink on the Job” is filled with exciting and often humorous stories of Charlie’s experiences dealing with embassy officials, new wine consumers and a cast of characters who live in our Nation’s capital.  Washington, D.C. is a unique city in many ways and a great cross-section of American culture.  Filled with quotes and stories from twelve years of living the wine life, “I Drink” exposes the under currents of American culture mixed with wine lifestyle with an added dash of spice.  “Wine is like a spice; it enhances the flavor of food.” a Charlie quote in the book could be a quote about wine, but it also translates well to the new culinary awakening in

D.C.  Just as curry is a blend of spices, “I Drink” explores the marriage of food and wine, and the new interest in cooking, Food Network, and the “foodie” phenomenon sweeping the U.S.

If you’re new to wine or you enjoy wine, but feel you’re missing something, “I Drink on the Job” will open up your eyes to a unique approach.  If you enjoy food, then wine should be a part of that experience.  Whether your eating snacks at a Super Bowl party or a multi-course meal at a fine dining establishment, wine beautifully fits into the American lifestyle!  Sit back, pop open a bottle of inexpensive win and relax while reading the book – it will awaken a whole new sense of taste – Cheers!