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Why Do We Need a New Wine Book?

June 18th, 2009 • No Comments

Classic self-reflection on my new book “I Drink On the Job” but I’m also writing to inform future readers that, yes, the book is coming along nicely!  OK, it will not be out until early 2010, I missed my original publishing date by 12 months or so, but it’s a first book. C’MON!!

So what did I change in the book?  My biggest problem was trying to write a book just like every other “Introduction to Wine” book: I tried to cover all the bases from A to Z.  The original idea was to write about my experiences, then I decided to make it about wine in general.  Well, I’ve decided to take a middle road, but with a “Charlie” twist.  Yes, the book will be a little about me, but just the good bits (not too nasty!), a few situations (the lady stuck in the bathroom stall at the French Embassy), and lot’s of info on wine, but…well…it’s not trying to be like other Intro to Wine books…I just simply got tired of trying to breakdown Burgundy and other world wine regions.  If you want a book that teaches you about all the nuances of the top 50 grape varietals and how they show their character in different growing regions, I Drink on the Job simply won’t do it..

What the book WILL do is make you laugh (VERY situational humor a la Seinfeld) and open a new wine drinker’s eyes to new possibilities.  Why try to write the same book that’s already been written when I have the personality, background and frankly Balls to just tell my story the way it is..Let the critics come out and go after me, let the wine people say that the book is inaccurate, whatever, it will be CHARLIE’S book!

Thanks for listening, gotta job to do!

Charlie “I Drink On the Job” Adler