Getting Some Cooking Time In..

January 2nd, 2011 • No Comments

Charlie Cooking at the Bethesda Central Farmer’s Market

I did some demonstration cooking this Summer to showcase my new book I Drink on the Job and I made this awesome Pork Chops in Peach and Tomato Chutney. In essence, I took old tomatoes and over-ripened peaches – the kind you get stuck with when you bought too many at your farmer’s market – and turned them into a delicious dish. My basic recipe was using small chopped and skinned local peaches and tomatoes, a little basil, salt, pepper, honey and I used a touch of vinegar (there are no local lemons grown in the DC area!) – oh, and almost forgot, rather than use olive oil (there are no olive groves nearby), I used locally raised bacon fat to saute everything in. The video is simple and basic cooking – no marinades (too time consuming), little prep other than peeling and chopping the tomatoes and peaches, easy to make and the chutney can be used either as a sauce or even as a dessert – add a little more sugar and top yogurt with it, maybe add some crunchy nuts!


Charlie “I Drink on the Job” Adler

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